One out of Five Brits Diet Once a Month

A new study highlights that one out of five Brits starts a diet once a month.
This figure should not be too surprising given that one out of five Brits is obese .
The study also confirms that over a third of us shop for low calorie food, with 36 per cent of us looking for the least fattening foods when we go to the supermarket .
When it comes to gender, 22 per cent of men as well as women commence a diet every month, which does not necessarily mean it is carried out until the weight loss anticipated has been shed.
43 per cent of female participants frequently shop for low calorie foods in spite of 63 per cent considering that there is excess pressure on them to be slim.
Moreover, around 60 per cent of men and women eat the recommended daily five portions of fruit and veg . This of course means that 4 out of 10 people are not getting the amount of fruit and veg they ought to.
Just a quarter of participants in the 16 to 24 age group have their five-a-day, in contrast to nearly three-quarters of those aged over-65.
3 out of 10 mums said that they give their child an unhealthy treat for good behaviour.

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