Poor Diet can Quicken the Aging Process

Recent research suggests that eating a poor diet and being on a low income can quicken the aging process.
Researchers were able to measure the ageing process by viewing telomeres, which are located at the end of chromosomes and become shorter with age.
They looked at 382 DNA samples from adults aged between 35 and 65 bases in Glasgow.
The telomeres reduced in length by an average of 7.7% over a decade in people whose annual household income was less £25,000, in contrast to only 0.6% for those on higher incomes.
Telomeres protect chromosomes and prevent them fraying.
The research results are astounding as they clearly demonstrate that the ability of telomeres to protect the chromosomes is lowered as they become shorter with age.
It is astonishing how our diets affect our health, including the aging process.
This research is yet another case in point as to how beneficial a healthy diet is for our health .

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