You May Need to Diet the Zero Calories Off

Before you have your next zero-calorie diet drink, be careful, as it could mean you put on weight .
500 people who drank diet drinks were studied over ten years. Low calorie soft drinks were linked to expanding waistlines, even when a small quantity had been drunk.
The research leader asserted that study participants who drank two or more diet soft drinks on a daily basis witnessed their waistbands grow at five times the rate of those who did not drink the stuff at all.
Her evident advice is to drink water instead of low calorie drinks as water has no calories, with no side effects.
The artificial sweeteners in diet drinks create a sweet tooth which confuses your appetite and can cause brain cell damage.
It would make sound sense to limit or omit anything from your diet containing artificial sweeteners. It is better to sweeten the food we eat and the beverages we drink naturally.

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