A False Fat Diet can Make You Fatter than a Real Fat Diet

New research has shown that researchers discovered that rats who were fed Olean-containing potato chips as part of a high-fat diet ate more overall and gained more weight than those who were fed a high fat diets and normal, full-fat potato chips.
Olean is the brand name for Olestra, a non calorie, fat-free fat-substitute which was discovered by Procter &Gamble in 1968. Olestra was given approval as a food additive in snacks in 1996.
Within no time at all it became infamous for its negative gastrointestinal side effects, including severe diarrhea and anal leakage
This counter-finding rocks conventional wisdom that substituting lower calorie, lower fat foods for their full-fat versions is going to aid the reduction of overall calorific intake and promote weight loss .
The lead researcher states that “Fat substitutes can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate what it eats, and that can result in overeating.”
This may not be the only reason for fat substitutes putting on weight. There is a school of thought which considers that fake fats in fact mess up your body’s ability to digest and metabolise food, ensuring that we are more susceptible to retain weight from our dietary intake.

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