Dawn French Diet Weight Loss of Three Stones

Dawn French has lost a staggering three stones by dieting .
Last week she attended the Glamour magazine Woman of the Year awards where she looked slimmer than she has for many years. She looked a lot smaller all round than before and in good health .
She has incurred a weight loss of three stones which has brought her from an obese size 24 to a much more reasonable size 18.
There has been talk that she has had a gastric band fitted or been on a ‘heartbreak diet’ after divorcing from her hubby of a quarter of a century, Lenny Henry.
Neil Reading, her spokesman has confirmed that Dawn has lost weight by sticking to a healthy diet . Dawn has not been on any trendy diets, such as, the Atkins Diet or the Dukan Diet; she decided to lose weight as it would help her to become fitter.
Dawn has abandoned massive meals and begun eat omelettes with salad instead. She has also banned chocolate from the house. She has been on record to say that she did not want to get so fat that she could not walk properly.

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