Healthy Diets for the Police

Police in Chandigarh, India are to be provided with a healthy package of food to ensure that they maintain healthy diets . This package is to contain fruit, lime juice, chapattis, a yoghurt drink, salad and yoghurt.
Each component of the food package has been added to ensure that the overall health of the police department improves.
A health survey started last year found that more than 1,500 officers were suffering from multiple ailments.
Astonished by such findings, the Chandigarh police department compiled detailed diet charts for 4,000 plus officers, informing them that they ought to eat healthily.
The chart highlighted what they eat, should not eat and what is prohibited. There is a categorisation of ailments, such as, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and uric acid and food is recommended is relation to the ailment.
Medical opinion was sought and the officers are asked to eat or drink ‘free foods’, such as, plain tea and coffee, clear soup, diluted salty lassi, cucumbers, tomatoes and leafy vegetables . The officers are also instructed not to indulge in puddings, ice cream, mangoes, dry fruits, dates, cakes and pastries.

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