75 Per Cent of Employers Concerned about Employees Diet and Stress Levels

Seventy five per cent of employers are concerned about the levels of stress in their organisation.
An additional area of concern for 60% of companies is the lack of exercise their employees undertake, with poor employee diets being highlighted as an issue too by 58%.
Buck Consultants stated that workforce stress levels are a huge concern for companies throughout the UK.
Hence, employers are becoming more aware of the benefits of workplace wellbeing strategies.
He added that those setups that monitor workplace wellbeing strategies achieve more success at improving their employees’ health, impacting postively on absence, productivity and engagement.
Internationally, 66% of participants had in place an official wellbeing strategy, in contrast to 57% of British respondents.
2010 research conducted by Mind found discovered that many UK employees do not wish to inform their management that they are too stressed to go to work.

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