Diet Inclusive of Antioxidants Healthy for Children

Women who take antioxidants prior to and during pregnancy could be protecting their children against obesity and diabetes .
A high-fat and high-carbohydrate diet triggers oxidative stress during pregnancy, placing offspring at the risk of obesity and diabetes .
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia decided to study the impact of antioxidants pre and during pregnancy in rats.
Should the results in animals be similar in humans, the research may have implications for lowering obesity rates in children.
This research intimates that should you be able to prevent inflammation and oxidative stress during pregnancy, and also reduce the risk of a child developing obesity.
They simulated a Western diet by feeding a group of rats high fat, high-carbohydrate food and another group a more balanced diet.
In two other groups on a Western diets and the control diet, the researchers added antioxidant vitamins .

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