Walnuts in Diet Great for a Healthy Heart

Eating walnuts is great for the health of your heart
A brand new study suggests that walnuts contains more healthy antioxidants and better quality antioxidants than other nuts.
Walnuts are more nutritious than peanuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios and other nuts .
Walnuts contain nearly double the amount of antioxidants any other nut has.
However, most of us do not include walnuts in our diets .
A recent study suggests that we ought to eat more walnuts within our diet .
The research discovered that antioxidants in walnuts were up to 15 times stronger than vitamin E, known for its strong antioxidant effects on the body, protecting it against natural chemicals which are involved in causing disease .
It is better to eat walnuts unroasted to get the maximum effectiveness from the antioxidants they contain.

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