Can the Dukan Diet Be Harmful to Dieters

The Dukan Diet has been promoted as an improved version of the Atkins Diet. However is this what experts think is the case?
The British Dietetic Association slammed the Dukan Diet, calling it one of the top five worst diets of 2011. In France it has been refered to by many as one of fifteen imbalanced and possibly risky diets. Harvard University’s School of Public Health has slated the diet, refering to it as “entirely unscientific.”
Pierre Dukan retorts, “I am built on the shoulders of Weight Watchers and Atkins diets.” He went on to criticise Weight Watchers for counting calories and Atkins for recommending the consumption of excess fat. His most infamous quote to date has been: “I have a lot of respect for Atkins. He was a legend…but Atkins is dead.”
Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel consider Dukan to be pushing dieters into a dangerous direction. Fat loss can be achieved quickly and healthily. Dukan gets rid of high nutrient and water-filled fresh fruits from your daily diet, and frequently vegetables too, This ought to make the dieter consider what the effects are going to be of the diet on their long term health.
The Dukan diet primarily focuses on lean protein, disallowing you to eat any fat. It omits to mention that a great deal of protein is converts to body fat.
Adherents of the Dukan Diet often complain of fatigue, constipation and bad breath which suggests dietary imbalance. A clinical study of Dukan Dieters would be helpful. In the mean time, it is of note that the only carbohydrates to be rid from our diets are the packaged and refined ones.
Naturally fibre rich foods, such as, fresh fruits and veg provide enough fibre for the digestive system. The high focus on protein, while trying to lower fat, is not satisfying and will eventually result in the dieter eating more food than necessary.

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