Diet Saboteurs

We all have great intentions when we go on diets . Yet we are all party to sabotaging them quite easily.
It is, therefore, essential to plan our meals in advance which will save you time, calories and money. Furthermore, it is very important not to eat to out regularly as restaurant and take-out food usually means bigger portions, more fat and more calories.
It is vital to choose as many fresh, non processed foods as possible when you do your food shopping. There is a lot of sugar in whole-grain cereals, salad dressings and breads. It is vital to cut back on sugar in your diet so you can find ways to knock back those empty calories.
Be mindful that you are not eating when you are tired, stressed, happy or bored.
Moreover, be careful of your portion sizes. Otherwise, you may think you are consuming fewer calories than you really are. In addition, be aware of liquid calories and that you do not drink too many of them. Here you could swap high calorie drinks with water, low calorie squashes and unsweetened teas .
Start your day with a healthy breakfast and try not to eat a great deal in the afternoon and evening.

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