Diet to Lower Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Stroke

The American Stroke Association has asserted that high numbers of strokes could decline if more of us tried to control our blood pressure .
High blood pressure is the main risk factor which can be modified in relation to risk of stroke.
Several things can be put into place to reduce your risk of stroke, diet being a key thing.
It is of paramount importance to lower the quantity of salt you eat. This can prove to be difficult as we are so used to adding extra salt to our diet and eating crisps on a frequent basis
Even soup cans are said to be high enough in salt to contribute to high blood pressure.
Another recommendation is that you cut down your alcohol consumption.
The American National Institutes of Health have developed the Dash diet plan (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) which enables those with high blood pressure to reduce it without resorting to medication. The Dash Diet is one containing lots of fruit and veg ; it is low-fat and high in whole grains. It contains a lot of fibre, calcium, potassium, magnesium and minimal fat .
All in all the Dash Diet is a sound, healthy diet .
Bottom line, should you wish to lower your likelihood of getting a stroke, watch what you eat.

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