Dietary Supplement Taken Off Shelves

A Georgia company, Multimex, falsely accused of marketing a dietary supplement called “Amoxilina” as the similar sounding antibiotic, has recalled the product from stores, the FDA announced.
The company was accused of by the Texas Attorney of deceiving Hispanic consumers into believing they were purchasing the commonly used antibiotic amoxicillin. In Spanish the word for amoxicillin is “amoxicilina.”
The Texas attorney has stated that Texan families have been misled into thinking they were buying antibiotics. It is of note that both Amoxilina and amoxicillin are sold in sky-blue and white boxes.
An FDA safety alert has gone on record to say that Multimex is recalling Amoxilina in capsule and liquid forms.
The dietary supplement is not considered dangerous by itself. However, officials have warned that replacing amoxicillin with it could delay necessary medical treatment. The Texas Department of State Health Services began an investigation upon discovering that the parents of four children treated in April at a Texan hospital had mistakenly been given Amoxilina which could have placed the children’s lives at risk.

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