HCG Diet Popular in New York

What does the HCG stand for in HCG diet? It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a natural hormone, when combined with a low calorie diet can help weight loss .
The HCG diet is growing in popularity in New York which has a high obesity rate; New Yorkers need to start looking after their health properly. A recent survey showed that approximately 3.2 million New Yorkers are overweight . This means that an astonishing 53% of adult New Yorkers are overweight.
Obesity research conducted in New York highlights a difference in obesity rates across neighbourhoods. The obesity rate was low in those areas which had a greater number of grocers and local gyms. On the other hand, the obesity rate was higher in areas that did not have such facilities.
East Harlem, for example, has fewer facilities and said to have an obesity rate higher than 30%. In contrast, West Village has multiple gyms and grocers shops and is rated to have obesity rate of just 8%.
The HCG diet is extremely popular and has proven to be an effective solution for weight loss for people throughout the world. Being one of the top diets for weight loss, this diet has become extremely popular on the east coast. With New York having the highest obesity rate, those who adhere to this diet lose weight quickly over a short period of time.

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