High Salt Diet is Now Meant to Be Healthy

The medical profession has been telling us for ages that excess salt is not good for our health .
However, highly controversially Belgian scientists, after conducting an eight-year study, are suggesting that eating a diet high in salt is good for you, and can lower your risk of death from a heart attack or a stroke .
The study intimates that those who eat the least sodium per day, a teaspoon, showed no health advantage over those who eat the most. It was demonstrated in this study that those with less salty diets in fact had slightly higher death rates from heart disease .
The study, involving 3,681 healthy European men and women aged 60 or less, also uncovered that above-average salt intake did not seem to higher the danger of developing high blood pressure .
Sodium levels were measured in participants’ urine at the start and end of the study. Around six percent of participants had a stroke, heart attack, or other form of cardiovascular emergency during the eight year study with a third of them being fatal.
Participants who ate the least salt had a 56 percent higher risk of death from a heart attack or stroke in contrast to those who ate the most.
This was after factors, such as, cholesterol levels, smoking, obesity and diabetes were accounted for.
There were 50 fatalities amongst a third of participants with the lowest salt consumption, 24 in the third of participants with medium intake and only ten deaths amongst those with the highest salt levels.

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