High Salt Levels in Our Diet

Lots of us try to eat healthily however in regard to salt we frequently eat a lot more than is good for us.
We are advised not to have more than 6g of salt daily in our diets, that is, approximately, a heaped teaspoon.
There is a lot of ‘hidden’ salt in lots of foods, especially processed foods, which means many of us exceed the recommended limit for salt in our diet most of the time.
The average daily intake in the UK is 8.6g, with lots of us consuming even more than that.
Even if we wish to look after our health, it is not as easy to do as we would have suspected. In addition, if we wished to maintain healthy diets, it is not easy as it would seem. A recent survey showed that lots of pies, for example, contain high quantities of salt. Just one pie and mash meal at well known pub chain Wetherspoons has 7.5g of salt, which is the amount to be found in 15 packets of crisps.
Our bodies only need about 1.4g of salt daily to function effectively, however, when the intake increases above 6g the excess salt passes into our bloodstream. The salt then absorbs water into our blood vessels, overflowing them and increasing our blood pressure, which places strain on our heart and circulation system

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