Is the Celebrity Lemon Diet Good For You

The celebrity lemon diet, also known as, the ‘master cleanse’ diet, involves fasting for ten days.
This diet is meant to flush out toxins from your body. Whilst dieting this way, you drink 6 to 12 glasses of lemon juice mixed with sea salt . The mixture contains maple syrup, water, lime juice and pepper.
You are not meant to eat solids at all. This diet may be one of the most difficult diets and they say eating crushed ice helps.
However, is this diet any good for instant weight loss? Those who have been on this diet say it is excellent for quick weight loss . On the minus side, the diet has quite severe side effects, such as, recurring headaches, fatigue and fainting as the body gets weaker.
It is crucial to measure calorie intake carefully to lose weight. Frequent exercise is vital to maintain the lost water weight. It is also essential to check salt intake as high levels of sodium, if eaten after sticking to this diet, can lead to immediate weight gain.
Many medical experts do not consider this to be the total diet solution for weight loss.
Despite the vitamin C found in lemon enables quick fat oxidation, which triggers quick weight loss, the diet does not contain the correct balance of nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates .
This diet can be categorised as a diet which is okay for healthy individuals who wish to get thin quickly.

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