Mediterranean Diet Good for Alzheimers

Diets high in vitamin B and vitamin B-12 are highly beneficial for the brain and could play a preventative role in keeping Alzheimers disease at bay.
The Mediterranean diet is such a diet and contains these nutritional benefits. The Mediterranean diet contains whole grains, nuts, fish, fresh fruits and veg .
The Alzheimer’s Association and the Help Guide say that exercise and remaining active are important. The International Journal of Clinical Practice states that physical fitness lowers an individual’s likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.
Frequent exercise and maintaining an ideal body weight can benefit brain function practically straight away.
There are two key factors that need to be eliminated to reduce chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease; these are smoking, which increases an individual’s risk of developing the disease by 79 percent, and being obese. Chronic stress as well as insufficient sleep could add to the likelihood of an individual not getting the disease.
It is never too late to commence with a healthy lifestyle as it helps healthy brain functioning.
When patients are often diagnosed, they are advised to adhere to a diet like Mediterranean diet and are recommended to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.
Exercise, nutrition, being socially engaged and cognitive activity have a positive impact in terms of how you age.

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