No Red or Processed Meat in Diet Means 17,000 Fewer Cases of Cancer

A new warning has been put out by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). It states that no red or processed meat in your diet would mean 17,000 people are saved from cancer per year.
The WCRF is informing people to limit red meat intake in their diets and to avoid eating processed meat such like ham and salami altogether.
There is considerable evidence that both kinds of meat increase the likelihood of bowel cancer .
The study was conducted at University College, London, and considered the effect on health of 263 research papers on the role diet, exercise and weight play in bowel cancer.
The WCRF recommends that you limit consumption of cooked red meat to 500g per week and avoid processed meat altogether,
Around 36,000 Brits get bowel cancer each year, and approximately 16,500 die from it. It is the second biggest cancer, after lung cancer .
The WCRF asserts that around 17,000 annual cases (43%) could be prevented should people eat less meat, drink less and eat and more fibre .

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