Top Rated Diet

Consumer Reports, America’s top independent, non-profit making consumer organisation, has rated weight loss diets .
The diet that came in at number one is the Jenny Craig Programme.
Jenny Craig began in Australia in 1983 and is now being marketed in America, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Guam.
The programme focuses on three main parts: Food, Body and Mind. The programme enables you to learn portion control as well as what constitutes healthy eating .
Moreover, it promotes exercise tailored to each individual, and provides you with motivators and enables you to make important changes which will serve you in the long term.
Consumer Reports was partly convinced by Jenny Craig due to the results of a two-year study, which found that 92 per cent of participants adhered to the Jenny Craig program for two years. By the end of the two years, they weighed around 8 per cent less than when they began.

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