Weight Watchers Not Happy with theiir Third Best Diet Ranking

Weight Watchers is not content with its recent ranking of third in terms of weight loss methods.
The famous weight loss company put out a statement, in response to the Consumer Reports Magazine’s recent diet ratings which ranked seven weight loss methods, with Jenny Craig getting top billing.
“We are disappointed some key points in the JAMA study, used prominently by Consumer Reports in their evaluation of the Jenny Craig program, were left unsaid,” the Weight Watchers statement begins.”
Jenny Craig got 85 out of 100 points from the Consumer Reports Magazine, with Slim-Fast getting 63 and Weight Watchers receiving just 57.
Moreover, CR magazine stated that rankings were based on each dieting method’s ability to deliver nutritional calories as well as produce weight loss in the short and long term.
The cost of each diet programme and how easily they can be followed were also considered.

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