Dieting is Like Financial Management

Knowing what a healthy diet is isn’t helpful in itself if you do not adhere to it.
In addition, having a budget is useless if you do not stick to it.
Canadian research conducted in 2008 highlights that just over half of the participating couples aged between 25 and 65 had a household budget.
Couples who did budget had “tangible assets,” such as, a property and less debt. They were just as successful as the none budgeting couples at accumulating money and property. However, those who stuck to their budgets had lower levels of debt and greater savings .
In the same way that a healthy weight is easier to maintain when you are in good shape, exercise, sleep and eat healthily, budgeting is much easier when you have a steady income.
There are many people who find it difficult to budget. There are those who go to the extent of setting a budget. However, they find it difficult to stick to the budget, just like many individuals who find it difficult to stick to a diet.

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