Five Diets Known to Work

The following diets are the most popular ones for weight loss.
The Weight Watchers Diet is highly popular and helps you manage your food intake interestingly. Each food is given a value in terms of points. This value is arrived at by assessing the carbohydrate, fat, protein and roughage content in that dish.
Oily, fried foods or unhealthy foods have higher points and healthy food, such as, salads have fewer points.
The ‘low carb’ diet which many consider ends in instant weight loss is based on Dr. Robert Atkin’s medical research paper.
This diet rests on a phenomenon known as ketosis or the burning of stored fats for energy. Should you cease consuming carbohydrates yet fill your stomach with proteins and roughage then the body does not starve; it uses the stored fats as opposed to glucose from the carbohydrates for energy..
The GI Diet is considered to be best diet for rapid weight loss. GI represents Glycemic Index or the rate at which food is digested. Foods which are digested quickly have high GI (like glucose, highest 100). This diet includes foods with lower GI.
The South Beach Diet is simple, yet a key diet for weight loss as it functions on a simple principle; eliminate bad fats and carbs from your diet and replace them with good fats and carbs. Good fats include fish oil and olive oil as they have good cholesterol (omega-3-fatty acids). However, deep fried foods contain trans fats which block up your arteries.
The Medifast Diet is very popular and involves breaking up your meals into 6 smaller meals; the sixth being ‘lean and green’. This diet gives you healthy choices so you lose weight and ensures that you do not go hungry as you only eat small portions.

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