Morning Snack Could be Thwarting Many Diets

Snacking between breakfast and lunch could thwart many diets more so than snacking at any other times during the day.
These are the findings of a new study.
Women who participated in a weight loss study and ate a midmorning snack lost an average of 7 percent of body weight over a year. On the other hand women who did not snack between breakfast and lunch lost 11 percent of total body weight.
The desire to snack mid-morning can be a sign of eating less healthily, the researchers stated.
Often we snack because it is something to do; we are often stuck behind soulless PCs. It is often not because we are hungry.
Snacking is not often due to satisfying actual hunger; it is often recreational.
It also does not necessarily permit the eater to build up an appetite for the next meal.
The study involved 123 overweight and obese women aged between 50 and 75.

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