Our Diets Shape Our Jaw Bones

Our diets shape our jaw bones, so recent research has confirmed.
It would also make for sound, common sense that diet affects jaw bone shape.
This may well be the reason why so many people have overcrowded teeth.
The study has demonstrated that jaws become shorter and broader as humans have become more sedentary.
Developed mandibles were most likely strengthened to provide hunter-gatherers with enhanced biting force.
This is an intriguing study as it challenges the commonly held assumption that little has changed in recent times in regard to the morphology of humans.
The new data, from more than 300 skulls across 11 populations, highlights that jaws shorten and widen as humans go from hunting and gathering to an increasingly sedentary life style.
The relationship between diet and jaw morphology applies to everyone across of world.
Healthy diets have also been replaced by our addiction to processed and refined foods.

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