Snacking Repeatedly Related to a Healthier Diet

Those of us who snack between meals are inclined towards having healthier diets than those of us who adhere to eating just at set mealtimes.
These are the findings of a recent study which highlights that those who snack more often eat more fruit and whole grains and drink more milk in their diets, as well as having lower amounts of sodium in their diets .
It is long been considered that snacking cannot constitute part of a healthy diet .
However, the recent research emphasises that more an individual snacks, the more likely he or she is to eat healthy snacks as well as more healthy meals.
The increase was slight, yet evident.
Those who snacked regularly still lacked eating sufficient vegetables, leaving room for improvement in the overall healthiness and nutritional value of the study participants’ diets.
“Everyone, regardless of the amount of snacking they did, had diets that are not as healthy as we would like to see,” said lead study author, Professor Zizza from the University of Alabama.

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