Youth are on Junk Food Diets

According to a recent survey, British youth are living on a diet of junk food and are not eating enough fruit and veg.
Nearly a third of secondary-age pupils are eating crisps, sweets and chocolate at least thrice daily.
Two out of five youngsters are having fizzy energy drinks every day.
The survey was undertaken by he British Heart Foundation regarding the dietary habits of 2,000 11 to 16 year olds.
The findings show that on average the youth eat 2.57 portions of fruit and veg daily, with 25 per cent stating that they consume just a piece of fruit or none at all.
The BHF stated that altogether 90 per cent of respondents are not eating the recommended five daily portions.
A third said that they usually eat crisps for lunch, with 31 per cent stating that they fruit at lunchtime, with 9 per cent eating salad. Another 21 per cent of youth eat a chocolate bar at lunchtime.
The BHF confirmed that today’s youth are not on a healthy diet as it includes a chocolate bar, fizzy drink, a chocolate bar, an energy drink as well as a bag of jelly sweets.
In terms of snacks alone, the daily diets of today’s youth contain 30 teaspoons of sugar, more fat than a cheeseburger contains and more than a third of their recommended daily calorie intake.

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