Diet Coke Addict Quits

Claire Ayton, a lady who drank so much Diet Coke, was diagnosed as addicted. She was in fact drinking seven pints daily.
Yesterday, she quit her ten year addiction to the low calorie treat with the help of hypnotherapy.
Since her addiction started at the age of 26 Claire says she has drunk a phenomenal 25,692 pints or 14,600 litres of the stuff.
Towards the end of her addiction she was purchasing 14 two litre bottles on a weekly basis, costing her £1,300 a year.
In the end hypnotherapist Russell Hemming helped her to quit her habit by going cold turkey.
She had got addicted to aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet coke.
Instead of incurring any weight loss, her weight ballooned from 10 stone to 13½ stone as she craved sweet food.
Her headaches also cleared and she started to lose weight .
She now has water with a piece of orange in it. Her head is a lot clearer and she has a great deal of energy.

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