Exercise and Diets are Failing in Australia

Australians have tried diets, protein shakes, diet pills, yet for many obese Australians nothing appears to have worked.
Obese Australians have doubled in numbers in the past 20 years and 60 per cent of them are presently categorised as overweight or obese.
The disease set the economy back by $8.3 billion in 2008.
Taxpayers can save billions of dollars by ensuring the obese go to dieticians, personal trainers and even surgeons to lose weight, instead of waiting till they go into hospital.
It would cost around $140 million to provide thorough diet and exercise programmes to each overweight adult and this would avert 3,000 years of sickness.
An expenditure of $120 million on gastric bands for 25 per cent of obese adults would avert 140,000 years of sickness, as they produce bigger, longer lasting weight loss.
Unfortunately there is growing body of opinion that just diet and exercise are going to achieve a permanent lowering in the spiralling obesity levels.
Certain health experts state that obesity is a biological disease which can only be fixed by surgery, whilst others state that there needs to be total societal change including taxes on junk food taxes and better design of cities.

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