Gary Barlow Puts X Factor Contestants on Diet

Gary Barlow has put some of the X Factor contestants on a diet.

Having successfully lost a considerable amount of weight himself, Gary Barlow is helping contestants by sharing his diet tips.
The Take That singer and musician is mentoring boys aged 16 to 24.
Craig Colton, one of the contestants, has incurred a weight loss of a stone in a week as a result of the diet Gary Barlow has introduced to his X-factor contestants
Carbohydrates are banned totally on this high- protein diet, consisting of fish and nuts.
Barlow also encourages his acts to frequent the gym to make sure that they are in great shape to perform.

Contestant Craig Colton, 22, stated: ‘I’ve lost a stone in a week. I am on this very strict diet, but it’s full of energy. It is pure protein and nutrition, there are no carbs. I wasn’t a big eater before, but ate at the wrong times.’

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