Green Tea Combats Obesity

Penn State food scientists have discovered that green tea can slow down weight gain as well as serve as another way in which obesity can be tackled.
Mice which consumed a compound in the majority of green teas and were on a high-fat diet put on weight 45 per cent more slowly than mice eating the same diet minus the compound found in green tea.
The results intimate that should you supplement your diet with green tea to put on weight more slowly.
As well as lower weight gain, the mice who had the green tea supplement demonstrated an almost 30 percent increase in faecal lipids, suggesting that this compound limits fat absorption.
There appears to be two parts to this, initially, EGCG lower the body’s ability to absorb fat and, secondly, it improves the ability to utilise fat.
The findings are to be found in the current online version of Obesity.

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