Gwyneth Paltrows Diet Secrets

Gwyneth Paltrow has disclosed that without sleep she resembles someone who has “been hit by a truck”.
The 39-year-old has revealed her diet secrets and how she can look her glamorous self.
Her busy schedule means she does not have much time for sleep, but she says sleep is essential to look good.
The Hollywood actress has provided details of her diet plan.
She commences each day by drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins.
Her coffee is with almond milk and she drinks green juice, which is a must for celebrities.
Lunch is a grilled low calorie affair. Yet she loves French fries and red wine which she has from time to time.
For dinner she eats what she likes.
She also does the Clean Programme for three weeks at a time twice a year, which she finds rejuvenating.
The Oscar winner states that she feels better than she has ever done and is ready to do nude scenes in her new films.

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