Start Dieting for Christmas Now

It is as good a time as any to start dieting for Christmas .
Should you wish to drop a dress size by Christmas, today is as good as any.
Before that festive round of partying begins, nutritionists emphasise that starting a diet now leaves sufficient time to lose weight which we are likely to put back on over the Christmas period.
New Atkins research highlights that 53.7 per cent of women go on a diet before the festive period, with 63 per cent of those aged between 25 and 34 doing so.
The statistics show that Cardiff is the UK’s Christmas dieting capital, where 80 per cent of women attempt to lose weight prior to the party season.
Women in Plymouth are the least bothered about dieting, with 70 per cent stating that they never attempt to diet before Christmas.
Of those who do go on a diet, a fifth commence their diets in late October, however, a tenth crash diet in the week or two prior to the office party, with unpleasant results when mixed with alcohol.
If you are going to go on a diet then ensure that you do so sensibly in order to lose weight prior to Christmas.

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