What Comprises a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy foods comprises a healthy diet as does how much you eat.
Portion control relates to knowing the correct measures or serving sizes given calorie counts and fat content for various foods and beverages.
A must for losing weight in a healthy way, portion control is something which stands right in the middle of excess calorie intake and not eating enough.
Portions of food can be measured, such as, the correct portion serving for a pasta meal is can be held in your fist uncooked.
We all get cravings for ‘comfort foods’ now and again. That is okay. However, do not throw in the towel. It is natural to have cravings for such foods.
The key is not to over eat consistently if you wish to incur weight loss .
Overeating now and again will not really impact upon your life or your health; but if you do so regularly it will.

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