Best Diet for Physical Strengh

Healthy bones are of extreme importance for strength, balance and posture.
The two main ingredients in your diet which enable you to develop strong bones are calcium and phosphorus.
There are also lesser amounts of further nutrients, such as, proteins, vitamins and minerals which are needed in balance.
Developing healthy bones starts at birth. It is then vital to maintain a diet plan at all ages. This becomes especially important after 30 or after menopause in women when bone density is reduced drastically.
However, there are certain “super foods” which can enable you to boost your bone density whatever your age may be.
Milk is without doubt the best source of calcium needed to for proper bone growth. For adults low fat or fat-free milk is the optimum choice as it has high calcium content minus additional fat, which enables the body to absorb calcium easily.
Milk also provides essential nutrients, such as, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin and vitamins D, A and B12.
Dairy products, such as, cheese and yoghurt are preferred source of calcium due to their high calcium levels.
Sardines are high in calcium and Vitamin D, which both play a crucial role in bone development. Eating three ounces of canned sardines is nearly equivalent to the calcium found in a mug of milk.

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