Cancer Risk and Diet Are Indirectly Related

Cancer risk and your diet are indirectly related.
What you eat does impact on your likelihood of developing cancer.
Your risk of cancer and your diet are indirectly related, stated an expert.
Charlotte Stirling-Reed, a nutrition consultant for, has claimed that even though there is a relationship between diet and cancer it is “not yet fully understood”, nonetheless, medical professionals are in agreement that your diet plays a crucial part in various cancers .
She also states that bowel, oesophagus, stomach, mouth and breast cancer have been related to diets high in red meat, processed meat, salt and saturated fats.
Moreover, experts consider that fruit, veg and antioxidants enable the reduction of cancers.
Furthermore, the World Health Organisation asserts that being obese or overweight are risk factors in the development of cancer. Therefore, diet is indirectly related to cancer this way too.
A Nutrition and Cancer article reported that walnuts have reduced the occurrence and development of tumours in mice.

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