Diet Problems Amongst the Inuit

There are diet problems amongst the inuit people .
Researchers have discovered that those in the north usually cannot afford or find fruit, veg and other food products which make up a healthy diet .
Six out of ten of Inuit in Canada’s Far North do not receive adequate food to eat or are eating the wrong things, says a recent study by a team of McGill University researchers.
They warn preventative measures are very needed to keep diabetes at bay .
Heart disease and other health conditions affect other aboriginal peoples of Canada and America .
The Inuit are moving away from the traditional foods hunters would bring home. Unfortunately, researchers have discovered that those living in remote villages usually cannot find or are not able to afford fruit, veg, dairy products and grains which make for a healthy diet.
Poverty, food insecurity and movement away from local nutrient rich foods are presenting a huge nutritional burden globally on indigenous peoples.
Due to the nutrition transition happening in Arctic communities there is a resultant increase in obesity and diet-associated chronic diseases.

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