Five Fruit and Veg Lower Chances of Bowel Cancer

A new study suggests that the impact of bowel cancer on a diet containing various fruit and veg appears to differ according to which part of the gut is affected.
Researchers have discovered that brassica family vegetable family members, such as, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli was linked to a lower risk of cancer in the proximal and distal colon.
Apples were especially effective in reducing the risk of distal and colon cancers.
Drinking fruit juice was related to a higher risk of rectal cancer.
The impact of a diet of fruit and veg on bowel cancer has been widely investigated and the present advice is for everyone to eat five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables daily to lower their risk of this disease .
The findings have caused some debate as eating fruit and veg has different effects on different sections of the bowel.
In order to examine this further, Australian researchers undertook a study of 918 participants diagnosed with bowel cancer vis-à-vis a control group of 1,021 individuals who did not have this.
The researchers found that eating brassica vegetables was related to a lower occurrence off proximal colon cancer.

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