Hollywood Actress Blames Cancer on Acidic Diet

Melissa Etheridge blames acidic food for her breast cancer.
Cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge is certain that the toxic “western lifestyle” she was leading was what triggered the disease that nearly killed her.
A diagnosis of breast cancer was concluded in 2004 and she spent a year battling the disease.
The actress says that she is much healthier now than ever due to her diet and life choices made after her medical crisis.
Her explains what her understanding of breast cancer is: “It is when your health is out of balance, when you’re too acidic… It’s actually your own cells going bad.”
The western diet is a key reason why around half of us develop cancer; the food is too acidic, especially the meats and processed foods.
She also emphasises that cancer feeds off stress. You may have an unhealthy diet, be inactive and not get ill. However, if you are stressed and partaking in such a lifestyle then you are highly likely to get ill.

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