Lack of Concern about Cholesterol in Diet

There is a lack of concern about high cholesterol in diet amongst many people in the UK.
Many people do not take any heed of the dangers of high cholesterol.
Researchers discovered that fewer women than men have been tested for cholesterol, which increases your likelihood of developing heart disease.
Flora, the spread manufacturer, undertook a survey which highlighted that 72% of women have never had a cholesterol test; whereas, 60% of men have.
Cholesterol is in every cell in our body however, it becomes problematic when cholesterol levels get too high.
In spite of the likelihood of developing heart disease, the 2,000 survey participants represent a considerable percentage of public being ignorant as to how they can lower their cholesterol levels by eating a more healthy diet and increasing activity levels.
The study found that 22% of respondents spend a minimum of ten hours a waking day sitting down.
42% of respondents were unaware that increased cholesterol can lead to a deterioration in cardiovascular health . Just 64% of over 45s had had a cholesterol test, despite cholesterol levels increasing significantly at that age. Nearly a fifth of over 45s, those most at risk of high cholesterol, had never exercised they said.

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