Super Spud Diet for Lowering Blood Pressure

A super spud diet is great for lowering blood pressure without putting on any weight.
Potatoes are considered to be the new super food. They have been criticised by adherents of the Dukan diet and other low carbohydrate diets.
Just eating a portion of potatoes twice a day can reduce blood pressure, according to researchers. It would also appear that there is no associated weight gain.
That does not mean that you have a white flag for eating chips and roast potatoes. The potatoes in this context need to be boiled, baked or micro-waved, without any butter, oil or tomato sauces.
For the purposes of the study, 18 men and women were requested to include between 6 and 8 golf ball-sized potatoes as part of their lunch and dinner within their usual diet.
The majority of participants were obese or overweight and on medication for lower blood pressure.
Just a month into the spud diet, participants’ blood pressure decreased significantly. This even goes to suggest that potatoes were powerful enough to do what the medication was unable to do any more.
The potatoes used contained just 12 calories each and were purple. However, the researchers assert that ordinary potatoes can also benefit your health.
It is crucial to keep the skin on as it contains many of the health-boosting, blood pressure-decreasing chemicals.

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