Unhealthy Diet Presents Huge Health Risk

A snapshot of the health of the Scots has emphasised an unhealthy diet as a major health issue.
Health experts studied a combination of five high-risk lifestyles to explore their total effect.
These measures were smoking, alcohol consumption, minimal consumption of fruit and veg, physical activity and obesity.
They are considered to be responsible for approximately 90% of the total impact of this disease.
The World Health Organisation states that these measures are amongst the nine risk factors accountable for 35% of deaths due to cancer.
The effect of the five on Scotland has been established in a thorough study involving thousands of people.
The Scottish Government report discovered that 15% of those aged over-16 are overweight, they do not exercise as per physical activity guidelines and eat fewer than the recommended five daily portions of fruit and veg.
A tenth of adults also have that combination, and drink excess alcohol.
Just 2% of adults in Scotland undertook none of these risks, with just 4% had all five. The majority of Scots, 59%, had at least three of these risks.

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