Weight Loss without Dieting

There are ways to burn fat without dieting if you adopt some simple weight loss tips.
Without depriving yourself, a well balanced healthy diet is the best long term option for you which includes the fruits, veg, seed and dairy products.
You can burn calories by swapping butter with olive oil . Vegetable oils are very healthy should you be able to use them in your daily meals. You can save up to 50 calories for each serving.
You can also shed some pounds by sprinkling a little flaxseed on salads as well as yogurt. Flaxseed speeds your metabolism.
Cut fresh veg in appealing bite sized chunks and you will definitely eat less from the main serving.
Eat an hour after waking up. What we eat then affects us for the entire day; cereals, wholemeal or wholegrain bread and eggs provide an excellent start to the day.
Fruit takes more time to digest. So avoid eating them straight after a meal.

Enable your digestive system to deal with the carbohydrates you have eaten first and leave a minimum of 30 minutes prior to eating a delicious fruit rich in simple sugars.

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