Depression related to Unhealthy Diets Amongst Women

Depressed women have fewer healthy dieting behaviours like eating fruit and veg as well as missing meals than women who are not.
A healthy state of mind is suggested to be necessary in trying to lose weight.
American research considered the mental state and dietary habits of 198 adults; 51 per cent female, with the average age of 24.8 years. 75 per cent were white.
The average BMI for women within the sample was 23.93 and the average BMI for men was 27.45.
Overall, 40% of men were overweight, while 25% were obese, as per national statistics, with 22% of women being overweight, and 8 per cent obese, a relatively thin sample.
Depression was measured by the Center for Epidemiological Studies Scale for Depression (CES-D).
The study discovered that depressed women ate fewer fruit and vegetables and skipped meals.

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