Hidden Calories in Our Diets

There are hidden calories in our diets but little do we realise, the amount of sugar we consume. Unbeknown to us, it can add up to 500 extra calories per day.
A portion of pomegranate juice contains 22 teaspoons of sugar, whereas, survey respondents thought it contained 4 teaspoons.
Drinks which are deemed to be healthy usually contain much more sugar than we realise and can add 450 calories a day to our diet, researchers have warned.
The survey results have demonstrated that Britons consistently underestimate the amount of sugar in fruit juices, milkshakes and smoothies.
A chocolate milkshake contained 7.5 teaspoons more than estimated. Servings of every kind of drink in the survey ranged from 330ml to a litre.
The University of Glasgow research suggests that the average Brit consumes 3,144 calories a week via non-alcoholic liquid intake.
This adds approximately 450 daily calories to our diets that is equivalent to nearly a quarter of the recommended daily calorie intake for women and about a fifth for men.

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