Is a Vegan Diet Suitable for Children

When it comes to the well-being of children there are many opinions as to what constitutes successful child-rearing.
A Los Angeles-based mother has written two children’s books on veganism and brings her daughter up on a strictly vegan diet.
She has also incited a great deal of criticism from at least some experts and parents.
Ruby Roth, 29, the author of Why We Don’t Eat Animals, has triggered debate with her latest release Vegan is Love, amongst those who question the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for a young child.
The book which is going to be launched on April 24 tackles subjects like clothes, animal testing and the using animals for entertainment; however, the real controversy is based around the chapters on food.
Some critics say that Ruby Roth’s first book, “Picture Perfect”, like the newest release, contains stark illustrations of animals which some say are going to scare children into becoming vegan and, with improper guidance, that child may become malnourished.
Many people are concerned that a child may not receive all the proteins and vitamins they need from a vegan diet, which is quite restrictive; vegans state that the diet does not exclude any nutrients necessary for development.

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