We Do Not Have Enough Time for Three Meals a Day Diet

A recent survey has shown that we do not have enough time for the traditional diet of three meals a day.
Most of our diets consist of three meals a day.
The research was undertaken of 2,000 adults who said that the traditional diet of breakfast, lunch, dinner is on the whole a rare treat.
We now seem to have more hectic lifestyles as well as being obsessed with our self image and weight loss. Therefore, many of us miss breakfast and ‘make it through to lunch’.
The study discovered that a quarter of Brits prefer to snack at work and wait until the evening to sit down for a family meal.
A tenth of us even go to the extent of swapping dinner for alcohol when we go for an evening out and only eat the following day.
Moreover, the study uncovered that the average Brit eats just 11 full meals a typical week, relying heavily on microwaveable food.
A fifth of us do not get hungry in the morning and therefore miss the opportunity to provide our metabolisms with a good start to the day.

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