Eating as a family can improve diet habits

The diet habits of children can be improved if they sit down and eat meals with their family.
This is according to Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen – a food company shortlisted for the International Growth Business of the Year and the Growth Strategy of the Year at the Orange National Business Awards – who explained preparing and eating food is a social experience.
Mr Lindley noted it is important young children play a part in creating meals and eat with their parents, rather than having dinner alone, because it enables them to be more engaged with produce.
He stated: “The more children have involvement in food [and] their meals and have a communal meal with their family, the better relationship they will have with food.”
By eating with their nearest and dearest, children are more likely to pick up good eating habits and learn more about the cooking process.
Mr Lindley observed children in the UK have far more meals in front of the television than their French and Italian counterparts, who tend to eat as a family around the dinner table.

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