Heart disease can affect both genders

Women looking to improve their overall wellbeing in a bid to prevent developing a number of illnesses should stick to a healthy diet that is rich in healthy fruit and vegetables.

According to Dr Sanjay Prasad from the Cardiac Women’s Health Information Service, there is a common misconception that heart disease occurs more commonly in men, but this is not the case.
The trusted expert noted illnesses concerning the organ and circulatory system kill one-in-three females, while this figure is also the same for males – suggesting ladies should pay more attention to their heart health.

Dr Prasad said both genders should reduce their risk of contracting such ailments by abstaining from smoking and maintaining their weight by consuming nutritious foods, but claimed many women struggle to include allicin – a vitamin that improves blood flow and reduces cholesterol – in their diet.

“Women can also reduce their risk by being physically active, maintaining blood cholesterol at guideline levels and keeping stress under control,” he added.

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