Monotonous diet is affecting nutrition intake

Many people in Britain are sticking to a monotonous diet that may be impacting their nutrition intake.
This is the suggestion of new research conducted for PAGB – a UK trade association that deals with medicine and food supplements bought over the counter – which found the majority of Brits eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch every day.
It was demonstrated that while 68 per cent of survey respondents tend to buy the same products from the supermarket every week, 48 per cent keep to only a small range of foods for their evening meals – such as chicken tikka masala and spaghetti bolognaise.
The most popular breakfast options were found to be cereal, toast and tea, while sandwiches were deemed the lunch of choice for 51 per cent of those questioned.
For dinner, it was revealed 48 per cent of people eat pasta at least once a week, while 38 per cent and 32 per cent said the same for chips and pizza respectively.
Helen Bond, state registered dietician and member of the British Dietetics Association, noted: “Eating the same type of food every day is not only boring, but could lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients if the foods are lacking in key nutrients.”

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